My Determined Eye

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My Determined Eye

120 Pages
Includes 6 Black & White Sketches
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This book of T.C. Cannon's poetry shows that he was not only an icon of Native American art history but he was also a talented writer who commented on the world with the same original style he used in his art. His obvious command of the language gives us a view of the times which can alternate from a window above the Embarcadero in San Francisco to the outback pow wow country of Oklahoma. Cannon's Kiowa-Caddo heritage is the foundation for this Renaissance man who brought Native American art at warp speed into the modern world, but his most profound thoughts and ideas come from a much higher place, the humanity of man, which is the foundation of all great art. There are other good artists from this period, but Cannon stood in the sun as his Indian name prophesied...and he could write poetry.

Anyone interested in Native American art or the painter who showed the others the way, should read this book of his poems, because it gives up an even broader and more personal view into this very talented and influential artist. It could easily begin yet another legion of fans who would temporarily set down Cannon's visual work, to be amazed by yet another form of art, the written words he left.

Joan Frederick
Author, T.C. Cannon: He Stood In The Sun
San Antonio, TX

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Having achieved fame internationally as a painter the sensitive prose and poetry of T.C. Cannon - 28 years after his sad death - still today, bring tears to the eyes of mature women, and his many dear friends. Most written after Viet Nam, his word-paintings touch the soul.

Robert N. Harcourt

Tee's painting and writing personified a generation of significant change within the Native American culture, politics, and historical perspectives. Like all great works of art, his "voice" crossed many cultural boundaries and continues to eloquently speak of his singular searching soul, long gone lovers, and whales swimming freely off the coast of France in the rain.

Sherman Chaddlesone
Artist, Kiowa, Chosen Brother

His "Determined Eye" is wide open, and will open yours as well. His "resolute heart" infuses every poem with a humanity and universality that will speak to any reader.

These gentle poems have a power of the wind - you don't see it but you feel it and cannot help but be affected. And the power is not always benevolent - just like the wind can churn our world, T.C.'s words can leave you examining the wreckage our country creates in sending young men to war, or in ignoring the loneliness or aspirations of any generation or people.

Joan Phillips, PhD
University of Oklahoma, School of Art
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